Thousand Oaks Wedding Photography/Huffman Wedding

July 17th, 2010, Wedding in Thousand Oaks, CA

Congratulations to our most recent wedding clients Ryan and Jennifer Huffman! Their special day took place in Thousand Oaks, California on a warm and beautiful day in Ventura County. After having some great photography done while getting ready at the Westlake Hyatt, Ryan and Jennifer headed up to the Los Robles Greens Golf Course in Thousand Oaks. There they enjoyed an outdoors ceremony on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. The ceremony overlooked the golf course and provided a picturesque view for their wedding. After the ceremony, they enjoyed numerous pictures on the greens of the golf course. After having a great photography session outside, it was time to party inside the rest of the evening. The room was nicely decorated, and the guests were ready to enjoy themselves and celebrate the wedding of a very special couple, Ryan and Jennifer. During the party Ryan and Jennifer made sure to have a great time with their guests dancing away the night. Everyone at the party had a blast, and with so many great pictures Ryan, Jennifer, and all their guests will not soon forget all the special moments at the Los Robles Greens Golf Course. This was definitely one of my favorite days as a photographer in Ventura County. I was honored to be the photographer on Ryan and Jennifer’s wedding in Thousand Oaks.
-Ken Bahr, In Focus Photography and Video.

Simi Valley Photography  | Simi Valley Photographer

The city of Simi Valley has much to offer for great photographic backdrops.  As the place that I live and run my photography business, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by the beauty of this valley.  Simi Valley is nestled in the southeast part of Ventura County and offers many views of rolling and rocky hillsides, lush vegetation, beautiful Oak trees,  and clear skies.  The parks in Simi Valley are also some of the best in Ventura County and Southern California making them ideal for photographing Engagement photography, baby photography, and portrait photography.  Many of the parks in Simi Valley are not only great to photograph for their beauty but also for the many famous and historical landmarks that are at some of these parks.  For example, Corriganville park offers tall Oak trees mingled near old movie sets where many westerns were filmed.  In fact this area is still used by movie studios for it’s beautiful and historic look.  Also in Simi Valley near Corriganville park is Santa Susanna park.  This park has large Oak trees nestled near large boulders, which makes for a great use as props and backdrops and providing lots of shade for any one being photographed.  The Historic Santa Susana train Depot Museum is also on the park grounds.  Our photography studio location in Simi Valley also is great for all types of portraiture.  We have both an indoor photography studio in which we make use of nice backdrops and studio lights and an outside portrait area near our garden. As a photographer, I take pride in using all my creative talents and knowledge of photography to get you the most amazing pictures wherever the photography or event takes place.  You can rest assure we will do beautiful photography for you and your family.  Because we are here locally in Simi Valley, we are just minutes away from you. Give us a call so we can schedule you to come on down to our Photography studio or enjoy great photography at the location in Simi Valley of your choice.  I really look forward to meeting my fellow neighbors here in Simi Valley!

  A great candid moment outside of my home photography studio in Simi Valley California.


Justin and Suzanne celebrate their engagement with pictures at Santa Susanna Park in Simi Valley California.  As a photographer I really enjojed sharing in this special occasion with them by capturing it with great pictures.

Another great engagement picture taken at a beautiful park in Simi Valley.  Justin and Suzanne enjoy a candid moment while being photographed near the duck pond.

Thousand Oaks Photography  | Thousand Oaks Photographer

Thousand Oaks California is a treasure trove of great photographic locations if one knows where to look.  As a photographer who has photographed many events in Thousand Oaks and surrounding areas, I can tell you first hand that there are great pictures to be taken in this beautiful part of  Ventura County.  In fact some of my favorite pictures that I have taken and used in this website were taken in and around Thousand Oaks. Thousand Oaks has rolling hills, lush landscapes and clear skies making it a great backdrop for photography.  With over 275 days of sunshine a years almost everyday is the perfect day for photography in Thousand Oaks. As a professional photographer and someone who grew up in Thousand Oaks, I have learned to use these great backdrops in pictures. These areas are perfect for engagement photography, portrait photography and wedding photography. I would love to share my many years of experience as a photographer to bring you your most memorable pictures.

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This beautiful engagement picture was taken in Thousand Oaks just before Randy and Mandy’s wedding day. We had so much fun taking pictures. As a photographer, I really enjoyed sharing in this special time in their lives.

Wedding Photographer, Ventura County

Lake Sherwood near Thousand Oaks provided the perfect backdrop for this happy couple on their wedding day.  As a wedding photographer I was able to capture this special moment in time while having a beautiful backdrop helping to frame the picture.


Bar Mitzvah And Bat Mitzvah Photography

We have lot’s of experience doing photography and video on Bar Mitzvahs and know how to make you’re day go smoothly while capturing all the key moments beautifully.  We are also a big supporter of the temple communities and believe in giving back to your temple community when you hire us.  Find out more about our contributions to your temple when you hire us!

Wedding photographers are one of the most important aspects of your special day.  You deserve to get great wedding pictures from your wedding day.  We believe that there are many things a good photographer needs to do in order to get you results you will love.

  1. Make your wedding day go as smoothly as possible. This means being personable and friendly up to and on your wedding day to make sure you’re your wedding day is as stress free as possible.  Your special day also follows a strict time-line that we take into consideration and make sure to get all the key photos that our clients want.
  2. Most clients of wedding photographers may not know a lot about the technical aspects of the photography but you should not have to worry about your photographers technical ability with a camera in getting the results you want.  We understand the importance of having state of the art and reliable equipment and the know how in achieving the results you will love.
  3. Taking the time to do things right should be very important as your photographer.  You pay your photographer big bucks to make sure they do things right when it comes to posing,  artistic sensibilities, technical aspects like exposure,  timing, sharpness, composition, etc…
  4. Make sure that the photographers style is a style that you like.  Some photographers like shooting against solid white backgrounds or shooting a lot of pictures using an unorthodox camera angles or weird camera tilts.  You must decide if you like a more traditional or avant garde style of photography. Does the work of that photographer suite your tastes.
  5. Does the photographer offer a good value to you as a customer.  This may be the toughest part to figure out because there are thousands of photographers out there with all types of prices and different types of packages.  For the most part, as a rule, you get what you pay for. Although this is not always the case most times it rings true.  Take time to talk to the photographers you may hire to find out more about them and what types of packages they offer.  We have generally tried to remain flexible on pricing and packages without losing quality on what we give to our clients.

Selfportrait 2

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Good photographers can make baby photography look easy.  But I can tell you it is much more challenging than it looks.  Getting that perfect shot can sometimes depend on your baby’s mood because even when all the other conditions are perfect if the baby is crying it usually does not make for an ideal shot.  For newborns just being content is enough to get a great picture.  Of course photographing newborns also takes a bit more creativity in the way they are presented to the camera.  This is where creative posing, use of props, and lighting really plays a part in getting you a great shot.  Sometimes simplicity is the best strategy also.  Keep it simple and candid.  Some of the best Baby pictures are candid.  I find that trying to move a baby around too much for many different poses will sometimes disturb the baby and get him/her in a bad mood.  For older babies a different strategy can be used.  Since older babies can smile, sit up and hold their head up, we can pose them differently than the newborns and we could focus more on their smiles.  We use soft lighting for most babies because it really brings out there soft skin and color.  If you have any questions about having your baby photographed feel free to contact us.

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Having nice engagement pictures done before your wedding makes for a beautiful keepsake for you and your family and is also the perfect prelude to your wedding!  Many couples use their engagement pictures for their invitations, Sign in boards,  or as a keepsake to the guests at their wedding.  As a photographer, I try to capture the emotions of the couple in a nice casual setting.  It’s important to photograph the couple using both portrait style photography and candid style (documentary) photography.  Having a good combination of both portrait and candid style photography usually makes for the perfect mix.