Wedding Photography in Camarillo CA.- Mike and Mariana’s Wedding

Congratulations to one of our newest wedding couples Mike and Mariana Brang!  Mike and Mariana were married at Sterling Hills Golf Club on March 27th, 2011.  They started out their day getting ready at their hotel rooms in Oxnard CA.  From there we all made are way to Sterling Hills in Camarillo CA. for some great pre-wedding portraits of the wedding party and family.  The scenic hills and golf course provided some of the best wedding photography.  As the Photographer for this nice couple, I snapped pictures to my hearts content and got hundreds of great pictures even before the wedding ceremony started.  My assistant photographer also took many great pictures for the bride, groom and guests.  The weather in Camarillo that day was partly cloudy which was fine with me since it allowed for more diffuse lighting much of the time.  The wedding ceremony overlooked the beautiful grounds of Sterling Hills Golf club and the majestic hills and mountains around Camarillo.  After doing the photography on the wedding ceremony we finished up the photography for the rest of the wedding party and family with the bride and groom.  We topped it off with some nice romantic pictures of the bride and groom that came out phenomenal.  Next it was time to celebrate this wedding couple with a great party.  This took place in the main reception room at Sterling Hills.  The wedding party and guests were ready to party and as the photographer I was ready to capture every moment of the party.  My assistant and I worked together to capture both black and white photography and color photography so that we could tell the story in a truly artistic way.  The bride and groom had a wonderful time and it was our goal to make sure that we were taking some of the best pictures of any photographer.  I loved being there for this couple and they were very easygoing and fun bride and groom.  I was so glad to have had the pleasure of doing this great wedding for this nice couple in Camarillo CA.