Headshots for Actors and Entertainers

Meet one of our favorite entertainers Djoir Jordan. We had the privilege of photographing this great young female entertainer and singer/song writer. Djoir is a talented and photogenic superstar who has had her songs featured in TV series such as Niptuck and Orange is the New Black to name a few. She is a hard working artist and entertainer. We feel truly special to have had the opportunity to have worked with her on a great photoshoot here in the Ventura County Area. We currently have our studio in Moorpark and we also do on location Portraits as well throughout Ventura County including our home base in Simi Valley CA. Give us a call today to get more information on All types of headshot photography including Actors Headshots, Entertainor headshots, Corporate Headshots, as well as dating site headshots. We do it all. Give us a call today at (805) 558-4048

Actor and Entertainer headshots in Thousand Oaks

Holiday Portraits here in Simi Valley area

Christmas and Hanukkah are almost here so this is the time to do your holiday portrait session. Book us today for your family holiday portraits here in Ventura County. We specialize doing on location photography here in Simi Valley and surrounding areas of Ventura County and LA County. Prices start at $150 and include the session and print packaging. Options to purchase the digital images are also available at a reasonable price. We offer a variety of print packages as well as holiday cards with many style templates. When you book us for the session you will get a location of your choosing or leave it to us to decide on our favorite location here in the Simi Valley area. We know of many beautiful locations to choose from here in Simi Valley and Ventura County areas. We include 15 mile travel in the cost of the session. If you would like an alternate further location there is an extra fee for further locations. We Also offer studio locations and can even come to you and setup up our backdrop at your house for only slightly extra.

Great Family Portraits in Simi Valley

I had the pleasure of doing family portrait photography for this great family here in Simi Valley CA. The pictures came out amazing at the Santa Susana Park. We were able to utilize several great spots at this park and had both great lighting and backgrounds. Of course having a lovely family to work with made my job fun. The Girls had amazing smiles and they loved having there pictures taken in many of the great spots in the park. We were able to get great photography of the whole family. We spent a solid 45 minutes with Hugo and his beautiful family. I really appreciated the great attitude of the whole family and how much fun everyone had being photographed. I take a fun and easy going approach to all my photo shoots. I love to do professional photo shoots all around Ventura County. Outdoors photography is really what its all about for the best personalized family photography portrait sessions. Call us now at (805) 558-4048. Prices start at only $150 for the photography session and a print package.

family Portrait photography at Santa Susana Park in Simi Valley
Family photography in Simi Valley at Santa Susana park
family Portrait photography at Santa Susana Park in Simi Valley
Family photography in Simi Valley at Santa Susana park
Couples photography in Simi Valley at Santa Susana Park
Family photography in Simi Valley/Ventura County at Santa Susana park
Family photography in Simi Valley at Santa Susana park

Why I prefer natural colors in my photography

So as you know many photographers love to go with certain color tints on their edited photography. These looks are generally a fad that will be popular for a time until the next trend gets established. I've literally seen a dozen or so looks in my time including Blue tints, orange tints, red tints, teal tints, and today the brown tinted look is in. Tints are basically a color scheme in the image that tends to dominate more than others creating a certain look that people may find unique and interesting. Another trend I've seen among many Ventura County Photographers is the bright(almost washed out look) with kind of a flat color scheme. This again has been a popular trend as it creates a some what dreamy and nostalgic look. Now I'm not against being creative and I think these styles can be flattering and I have thought a lot about editing using these styles of the latest trends. Now here is a few reasons why I personally stay away from these trends for whole sets of pictures. 1) These are trends and fads and as time passes they might not be thought of as a flattering style anymore. Remember trends and fads come and go and what is thought to be avantgarde one day may not be in a fear years time. These types of fads and trends are truly a preference and not necessarily going to be liked by everyone. Not only that but sometimes you may not like the image style in 5-10 years when that fad has grown out of style. 2) Natural color and lighting does not go out of style. There will always be a place for natural color and lighting. A beautiful photo with realistic color and and exposure will be just as beautiful 20 years from now as it was when it was taken. While some may see natural color and exposures as boring, I have actually reached a happy medium when it comes to creating photos that are different from a style point of view while still keeping a very realistic look to them. So what's my secret you may ask? My secret is creating rich colors and rich contrast within my images. This is what I do to set myself apart from many other photographers. I prefer this style of image editing to make an image pop off the screen or paper. The color is still accurate to the scene but it seems to have this very life like quality to it. The image should make you feel as if you are there enjoying the vibrant scene in person where the picture was taken. Don't get me wrong I do love Black and White photography too as that has been proven to be timeless but when I am giving those image to the client it is the exception and not the rule. So What I will do when I am feeling creative about color tints it is usually only a few pics here and there that I am going to be experimental with. Its not a whole set of images as I feel that most people will see it as an extra bonus to have a few stylized shots that are different but not all of them and if they don't care for it then its ok too as its only a few shots here and there. Having said that I have studied what makes photographs timeless. I see myself as a student of the art of photography. What I have found is that vibrant yet realistic colors tend to always be appreciated. Also giving the images just the right amount of contrast. When you include a nicely saturate image with the right amount of contrast you get an image that pops off of the page. My goal is to make those colors come alive on the screen but still giving the impression of a realistic scene.

Wedding Photography in Ventura County

Beautiful Wedding Image showing Vibrant but natural color.